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The purpose of this site is to present information and research related to Breathwork as a knowledge base for Breathwork therapists and people interested in Breathwork. The site is not linked to any particular school of Breathwork.

Breathwork is a generic term used for a number of breathing techniques. It is based on the physiological process to supply the body with oxygen. But breathing can also be done in more conscious and systematic ways, with specific purposes in mind. One definition of Breathwork is: The intentional alteration of the breathing pattern for healing and mind-expanding purposes.

Breathwork is usually divided into modern and ancient techniques. Modern techniques comprise techniques such as; Physiotherapies, Evolutionary Breathwork, Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathwork. Ancient techniques comprise techniques such as Pranayama (Yoga) Chi Gong and Tai Chi.

The site has a mix of articles, book reviews, presentations and events related to breathwork, written in-house or by contributing writers. The site is interactive in so far as it welcomes contributions and comments from its readers.

The website is hosted and managed by Gunnel Minett, psychologist and author of books on Breathwork and Health/Wellbeing with over 35 years experience of Breathwork.


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