The Breathwork Experience

by Kylea Taylor


Reviewed by Dr Tami Brady

I recently heard about Holotropic Breathwork, rebirthing, and other associated non-ordinary states on consciousness from an online alternative healing forum. It seems like an interesting concept. A way to allow the body and mind to let go of whatever obstacles it’s holding onto so that healing can naturally occur. I wanted to learn a bit more so I started looking for more resources.

The Breathwork Experience by Kylea Taylor is the foremost guide to Holotropic Breathwork. The book intuitively covers all of the answers that those new to this methodology would ask: what is it, how does it work, what happens during a session, can I do it alone, etc. The author also cleared up a lot of confusion that I had about the qualifications that I should look for in a good facilitator, extremely important being as the process requires such openness and willingness to experience what should occur. Now, I am armed with knowledge and some further resources about Holotropic Breathwork and other programs.

Hanford Mead Publishers ISBN: 0-9643158-0-7