by Nathaniel Altman

Breathing – miracle cure or just folklore?

Review by Gunnel Minett

Most children are told that a bit of fresh air will do them good. But is there more to this than just folklore? According to Nathaniel Altman who traveled to Germany and Cuba and inverviewed scientists worldwide, oxygen is close to a miracle ingredient in the treatment of a number of ailments, from constipation to cancer.
Science is now reveavling that a large number of our common medical problems are caused by oxygen starvation at a cellular level. Contributing factors are air pollution, poor quality food and stress.
Since the body eliminates its waste products mainly through breathing it out, poor breathing habits means that the body builds up deposits of toxins that become increasingly more difficult to get rid off. Unless we are able to really improve our breathing habits it may not be sufficient to breathe more to improve oxygen- starvation in the cells.
Oxidative therapies can offer help in such cases. Oxidative therapies are ways of treating the body with oxygenated compounds in various forms, intravenous, in baths, foods, ointments, etc. It can also be added through aerobic exercises or even through visualization.
Adding oxygen in this way gives a boost to the body’s immune system. This has proven to have a positive effect on a number of ailments, even severe illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and HIV, etc.
The use of oxidative therapies is more widespread in Europe, Russia and Cuba than in USA where there is still a lot of scepticism (possibly due to the fact that many medical schools are sponsored by the drugs industry, according to the author). One of the more common treatments where oxygen is used is treatment of burns and wounds that for some reason will not heal easily.
Although the author clearly states that the book is not intended for self-medication, it offers in-depth explanations of various treatment methods and numerous examples of how and where the treatment can be implemented.

Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont , 2007 ISBN1-59477-177-4