Written by Dennis Lewis

The Art of Breathing Naturally

Review by Gunnel Minett

This book gives a very thorough explanation of our breathing, how it is connected with our daily emotional and mental reactions and how as a consequence it is not as full and natural as could be expected. The book is based on Taoist philosophies and is full of Taoist breathing exercises such as the whole-body breath, the spacious breath, the smiling breath and how to circulate the vital breath.

The only “weakness” in this gem of a book for all interested in breathwork is that its overall aim is a little bit muddled. On the one hand it is structured as a “how-to” book with the breathing exercises structured to enable the complete novis to gradually develop breathing skills on their own. At the same time the fairly frequent warnings about not doing the exercises properly gives the impression that this work should really only be conducted in the presence of a skilled teacher. Having said that, the overall impression after reading the book is that even if it requires proper guidance to learn how to breathe properly it is well worth the extra effort.

Mountain Wind Publishing, USA 1997 ISBN 0-9651611-0-2