Written by Jorge N. Ferrer

The Role of Transpersonal Theory

Review by Gunnel Minett

This book is an important and valuable contribution to understanding and defining of transpersonal psychology. The author presents an overview of transpersonal theory – both past and present. He also deconstructs and delivers a constructive criticism of leading theories, followed by a reconstruction of these theories. Being, in many respects a new discipline, it is important to map its territory and bring clarity into this field, both in relation to existing religious beliefs and to science. Ferrer does this by presenting the visions and ideas that have formed the framework so far. He also identifies conceptual and practical limitations such as , spiritual narcissism, intrasubjective empiricism and reductionistic universalism. As a way to move beyond these kinds of limitations, Ferrer suggests a participatory vision of human spirituality.

Although many breathworkers may be unfamiliar with this terminology, this is not to say that they do not experience these limitations on a regular basis as a therapist. For those who want to bring breathwork to a well-deserved place in the centre of transpersonal psychology it is essential to get a wide and clear picture of the current state and future possibilities of this exciting field of therapy. For this purpose, this book is an excellent source of information.