Written by C.Alexander Simpkins & Annellen M. Simpkins

When East meets West

Review by Gunnel Minett

In many ways you could say that this book is helping to close the circle of ancient wisdom and modern science. Drawing on both Eastern and Western knowledge as to how the body and mind works, the authors present a number of meditation techniques which can be used in psychotherapy.
In the first part of the book, the authors provide an overview of the ancient sources for various meditation techniques and put them in a wider context. They then move on to present the tools and techniques in more detail. They deal with issues such as mobilizing motivation, one-pointed awareness, mindfulness and how to work with Qi. In the final part they explain how to apply meditation, how and when it can best be used in the therapeutic situation. This includes using meditation for transformation through emotions and moods, stress reduction, overcoming fear and addiction, etc..
The comprehensive overview in the first part of the book offers detailed explanations as to how to apply the various techniques from a psychotherapeutical view point. With its broad approach, the book offers a good understanding of the ancient techniques and their usefulness both for everyday use and for psychotherapy. Explaining these ancient techniques within the context of modern psychotherapeutic really makes it clear how incredibly sophisticated these techniques are, despite the fact that they were developed entirely from subjective observations, trial and error, thousands of years ago. And, as so often before, modern science tends to confirm rather than contradict ancient eastern wisdom. The circle is finally closing.

W.W. Norton & Company NY, 2009

http://www.wwnorton.com ISBN 978-0-393-70565-2