The breath is a powerful tool that can impact our health and well-being. We use the breath as an anchor for our meditation practice, but the simple act of taking deep, conscious breaths can help us manage our emotional responses and even improve our focus. During the day, try to use the breath as an anchor to cultivate focus, tap in to deep relaxation, and mentally recharge.

Here are three ways to embrace the benefits of a full, deep breath, wherever you are:

1) Use your whole breath. Inhaling and exhaling fully is a practice of its own. Breathing with the intention to use your entire lung capacity creates a sense of calm by activating your body’s natural relaxation, reparative, and restorative responses.

2) Create space for focus. When you return your attention to your breath, again and again, you prime your mind for single-task focus.

3) Build your capacity for joy. If you frequently get caught up in self-doubt, practice directing your attention to the good things happening today, right now. This is not a selfish endeavor—Think of it as a vital dose of optimism that can help you embrace the challenges you face, big and small.

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