Written by James Beard

An Inspirational Book

Review by Gunnel Minett

This book is inspirational in more ways that one. It describes how to use breathing (inspiration) in combination with thirteen positive suggestions (inspirational) affirmation, in order to improve self image, intimacy and love making. 

The breathing, often referred to simply as breathwork, is not defined as such in the book. On the contrary, the book assumes that the reader will find out more about their preferred breathing technique elsewhere. It can be any of the eastern techniques such as pranayama or chi gong or modern versions of connected breathing patterns aimed at creating openness and relaxation in the body.

By breathing and reflecting on each affirmation, the goal is to see it as a guided meditation, that will open up the reader to reflect on their body image and self image. Becoming aware of how you experience yourself will help you to become aware of your relationship with yourself and others and consequently see how you can improve both.

Published 2020 by Thirteen Breaths, www.thirteenbreaths.com ISBN number 978-0-9833814-3-3