By Carol A. Lampman,

Can you be healthy if you are angry, anxious or depressed? Surely these conditions effect physiology, but the impact is more about how energy is being handled by the physical body. The emotions can be looked at as E-Motion “Energy in Motion”. Anger is a reaction to fear and is used as a defense when boundaries are unclear or violated. Depression is energy being continually pushed away from conscious awareness or we become chronically locked into the expression of sadness. Either of these situations leaves us flat and empty. Anxiety is the activated energy of fear that rises in the system and keeps us from relaxing into life’s experiences. In order to be truly healthy, we must have access to all of our emotions along with the ability to express them appropriately. 

Can you be healthy if you hold beliefs that you are not worthy, lovable or safe? These crippling beliefs keep us prisoner as surely as if we were behind bars. Our ability to act, react and interact with life is paralyzed. We learned to cope with these beliefs by either trying to prove ourselves to the outside world or holding ourselves back from full participation in life. Glued together by the emotions of fear, anger and shame, these core wounds are held in our bodies along with the memories of early experiences of loss and disappointment. 

Is health a state of mind or a reality that is only physical? From the medical point of view, it would mean the absence of disease or illness. But it is much more … we know that you can do all the right things such as eat the most natural and organic foods, exercise regularly and still get sick. I recently had an assistant say to a group that she was healthier now than before she was diagnosed with cancer, a disease she has been living with for 7 years. Against all odds, she continues to thrive because of the changes she has made in her life. She is using the tools we teach to address each issue as it arises. When considering treatment options, she has learned to listen carefully to her inner guidance and makes her own decisions about what is best for her. Most of all, she trusts the process of life by staying in the present moment and appreciating each day as the gift it truly is. 

If you are physically healthy at this moment, be grateful. But don’t stop there. Consider the following question… Will you stay that way if you are holding or using your energy in ways that work against you? The physical is the last level of manifestation and it is possible that this held stress could eventually break through at some point in time. So, give some thought to your health and what needs to happen to create balance in your system. Be willing to explore the needs of the four levels in order to create greater health and wholeness. Dialogue with your body …honor your emotions … observe your thoughts …and watch how your life reveals the truth. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe! Trust the wisdom that exists at the level of the body and use it to create a greater level of health and wholeness. 

Keywords; health, breathing, emotions

Carol Lampman is the founder/director of Integral Breath Therapy, Holistic Therapist, Certified Breathwork Instruction, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Release Therapist.