By Carol A. Lampman, 

The ultimate and abiding purpose of our work with the breath is to become fully awake and aware in each and every moment. Through this method of healing, we break the trance of the victim along with it’s identification with the “story”. Fear is projected from the past into the future causing great pain and anxiety as the unknown future becomes shaped by decisions made before the age of discernment. These beliefs about ourselves and life has become the blueprint for our expectations and reactions. Life becomes the self fulfilling prophesy. 

This natural and organic process of “becoming conscious”, of connecting to the truth of “who we really are” is amazingly simple, yet powerful in every respect. Both personally and professionally, this truth is life changing. This truth frees us from the bondages of lack and limitation and carries us from the darkness into the light. This truth eliminates judgment and criticism and opens the heart to love and compassion. 

For a moment, consider the potential of this truth expressed out in the world, It comes with a promise of a world that exists beyond fear, struggle and doubt. There would be no lack or competition as there would be the knowledge and understanding that there is enough for each and every person. Without fear there would be the acceptance of life as a series of present moment experiences. It has the potential to bring lasting personal and planetary peace and a life overflowing with joy and celebration. 

In order to do our part in creating a new world, we must continue going deeper within ourselves as we cannot take others on a journey without knowing the way. It begins by moving through fear to connect with the love of the Divine and seeing that presence in each and every person. As we hold this state inside ourselves, we become a bright and shinning torch to lead the way for others. 

Keywords; health, breathing, consciousness

Carol Lampman is the founder/director of Integral Breath Therapy, Holistic Therapist, Certified Breathwork Instruction, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Release Therapist.